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Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the difference between the orange top battery and the grey power wheels battery?

Do the batteries come with a charger?

Will this work as a replacement for the 00801-1868 or the 00801-1230 battery?

Is it okay to charge the battery even if it hasn’t fully died?

I've had my battery for a month and it won't hold a charge. I followed the charging specs, what should I do?

Does battery come fully charged?

Is the grey power wheels battery able to replace the grey battery #00801-0638?

Will the Grey Power Wheels charger part # 00801-0972 work with the Grey Power Wheels battery?

What happens when the green light comes on the Peg Perego chargers?

Do the batteries and chargers come with a warranty? Is there a guarantee?

What happens if the casing or battery is damaged upon arrival?

Do the peg perego chargers automatically shut off when the green light comes on?