How To Charge A Power Wheels Battery

- Prior to charging your power wheels battery, take a close look around the entire battery itself for holes, cracks, splits and other types of damage which may trigger leakage of sulphuric acid (electrolyte) throughout the charging  cycle. 

If you discover damage, do not charge the battery or utilize it in your car. 
Battery acid is really corrosive and can trigger severe damage to your child and the surfaces it comes in contact with.
If is fine with your battery and it is currently installed in your car, disconnect the cars electric motor harness port from the battery. 
To charge your battery, connect the charger adapter into the battery.
Plug the battery charger right into a traditional 120 volt outlet. 
If your electrical outlet is regulated by a button, ensure the button is ON. 
Let the battery charge for 14 - 18 hours and no more than 20 - 30 hours because overcharging your battery can damage it and shorten it's lifespan. 
After charging your battery, disconnect the charger from the electrical outlet, then Disconnect the battery charger port from the battery. 
Your battery should be fully charged, install it into your car and let the little ones have some fun.
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