How To Install & Replace A Power Wheels Battery

The process to set up, install, and replace the battery on a power wheels car is quick as well as easy for all car models. 

The most critical step to installing a power wheels battery is to make sure you have the right battery for your power wheels car. Installing or replacing a brand new battery is simple. 

First, remove the battery wire clip by squeezing and putting pressure on the sides of the clip. 

Next open the battery cover and insert your new battery in the battery box or remove your old battery.

Please note, you want to make sure you run the battery wire clip through the designated spot in the cover. 

Next, Install your new battery by establishing the right position and placement inside the car.

Next, replace the battery cover and the wire clip and run the wire clip through the spot in the battery cover. 

Finally, secure the the battery cover bolts and reconnect the battery cable clips. 

That's it, you're all done and little ones are now ready to get on the road. 
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