Which Battery For Power Wheels

To figure out which kind of car model you own, take a look at the bottom of your car and count the number of motors and gear boxes. 

(In many cases, the motors as well as transmissions lie near the rear wheels). 
For example: 
A 6 Volt (Standard) Car has One Motor and One Gear Box and calls for 1 Power Wheels 6 Volt battery with built-in thermal fuse. 
A Super 6 Volt Car has Two Motors/ Two Gear Boxes requires one Power Wheels 6 volt battery with integrated thermal fuse for operationA 
A 12 Volt Car has 2 Motors/ 2 Gear Boxes requires and 2 Power Wheels 6 Volt batteries with built-in thermal fuses or one 12 Volt Battery. 
The easiest way to determine which battery you need for your car is to find the model number and do a search for the compatible battery. 
You can for your compatible battery by using our search bar. 
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