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BRS Toy Battery

Peg Perego 6V 4AH Green Battery IAKB0509

Peg Perego 6V 4AH Green Battery IAKB0509

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Get your kid’s car up and running again with this Factory Direct OEM 6 Volt Peg Perego Rechargeable Toy Car Battery. 

You are going to love seeing the smile on their face while they have fun cruising around.  

This Battery Is Compatible With The Following Models: 

John Deere Mini Loader

Case Lil Tractor

Choo Choo Express

Santa Fe

Peg Perego, Ducati 6-Volt One Speed Riding Vehicles



Part Number: IAKB0509 

Voltage: 6

Capacity: 4AH

Battery Cell Type: Sealed Lead Acid

Length: 10.16cm 

Width: 5.72cm 

Height: 12.7cm 

Weight: 0.91 kg

Terminal Type: Insert 


  • Rechargeable

  • Replacement or spare battery for models like Thomas The Tank Engine, Traffic Police Car, etc 

  • Sealed "gel-cell" technology, maintenance free, high capacity battery

  • Recyclable

  • No Memory Effect: Maintains Original Charge Capacity and Holds A Strong Charge With Each Use. 

  • Internal, Self Resetting Fuse

  • OEM Factory Direct Battery

  • 6 Month Warranty 

  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Their toy will feel like new again once you install your new battery. 

Remember, the battery should be fully charged before taking the car out for its first spin. 


This battery is for use with Peg Perego 6-Volt 4 Amp Hour vehicles.

Be sure to read the enclosed instruction booklet for important safety information before installation and use.

  • For use with a Peg Perego vehicle that requires a 16V, 4 AH lead acid battery

  • This product does not include a charger. Please use the charger that was included with your Peg Perego vehicle to charge the battery or you can purchase an OEM charger from us. 

  • Before first time use, you must charge the battery at least 18 hours (but no more than 30 hours)

  • Always recharge for at least 14 hours (but no more than 30 hours)

  • IMPORTANT: Prevent premature battery failure by fully charging battery before storage 

Using the wrong battery on your Peg Perego may cause serious damage or injury, please confirm that this is the correct part for your model before purchasing and installing. 


How To Keep Your Peg Perego Battery Healthy

We recommend you use the correct charger with your new battery. 

Additionally… to help you extend the life of your battery, after each use, you should charge it immediately. 

You should never run down batteries and let them sit in a discharged condition for long periods of time. 

It's a good idea to recharge the battery every three months when the toy is not in use. 

This is important during the winter when the toy might not be used for a while. 

Also, be sure to store your battery inside your home or in a warm dry place during winter, rain, and cold days.

If your battery sits for too long, there's a possibility the battery will lose its capacity to hold a strong charge. So, be sure to keep your battery charged to maximize its lifespan. 

Keeping the battery maintained and properly charged will ensure that when the toy is being used it will run strong.

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